There’s a whole lot of brainwork going on when a child draws a picture. Fact is, young children love to draw. Children need to draw! They intuitively use drawing to understand the world and to develop important brain functions. Drawing is a way to think and communicate.

Students can use drawing to express ideas, record observations, organize information, and solve problems. As a learning tool, drawing stands on its own as a viable curriculum subject. When drawing is combined with writing a powerful new literacy emerges. And when drawing skills are transferred to math, science, history, geography, and art our children become empowered visual thinkers.

Unfortunately, the integration of fundamental drawing skills as part of today’s elementary curriculum is pretty much nonexistent. DoodleZine is dedicated to creating drawing lessons that are challenging, useful, and fun. The pages of DoodleZine are designed to rekindle and ignite the young artist’s impulse to draw and to use drawing as a visual language.

We take pride in providing fun things for kids to draw. We also value input from parents and teachers. Please let us know how we can fit into your lesson plans at school and study routine at home, or what kind of things your kids like to draw. Maybe you would just like to say “Hi!” or send a drawing. (Try one of the lessons on this page.) We’d love to hear from you!

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